How to find the Meeting Point at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport?

If you or your customers and relations are arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, they often have trouble finding the Meeting Point. It is difficult to find oneís way at such a large and crowded airport. The best way to meet your driver is to pass the customs clearance(do you have anyting to declare?) and go directly to the Meeting Point(direction trains) in the main entrance hall (Schiphol Plaza).

There is only one Meeting Point at the airport, there for this is the best place where our driver can be waiting for you with a name sign in hand. So you can pin point your driver directly.

You can find the Meeting Point in de middle of Amsterdam Schiphol Plaza across the train ticket box of NS railway station and next to the red/white checkered Coda and train platform number 1 and 2.

You can also follow the black direction signs with yellow letters following Meeting Point.


If inspite of this information you still canít find the Meeting Point, you can always contact us by telephone +31 (0)622 395 536. And remember: Your driver is at the airport waiting for you!

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